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Why us?

CCS Academy seeks to inspire future leaders and change agents to pursue the vision of a free society by championing a liberal approach to public policy.


CCS Academy functions on the conviction that persistent and widespread social problems have their root cause in public policies that either interfere with or fail to support the operation of individuals, civil society, community and free market based solutions.

We seek to inspire future leaders and change agents to pursue the vision of a free society by championing a liberal approach to public policy.

CCS launched its first training seminar for college students in the fall of 1998 called the Liberty & Society Seminar, a four-day residential program on liberal principles and policies.

We have connected with thousands of talented and enthusiastic students, journalists, activists, and young leaders to introduce them to, and increase their understanding of, liberal principles. We do this through policy trainings, certificate courses, research internships and outreach programs of Centre for Civil Society.


Tomorrow's political possibilities will depend upon the ideas we cultivate today. If we want a more prosperous,free and peaceful world,ideas matter.

In his essay The Intellectuals and Socialism, one of the greatest philosophers of liberty, F. A. Hayek, argued that, in the long run, the world is governed by the ideas that people hold. To achieve social change, it is crucial to influence the public intellectuals who disseminate ideas to society.

One way to visualize Hayek's philosophy of social change is a model designed by Joseph Overton of the Mackinac Centre for Public Policy called "The Overton Window of Political Possibilities"

(For more about the practical success of Hayek's ideas, see John Blundell's Waging the War of Ideas. )


Since 1998, Centre for Civil Society has conducted several policy training workshops and research internships reaching out to thousands of diverse minds, spanning various industries across the country including students, journalists, development sector professionals, and corporates. In our journey to bring about social change through public policy we have engaged with passionate individuals who not only envision, debate and discuss, but walk the talk for a strong society, one where each individual has more choice and accountability to lead a life of peace and prosperity.

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Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan

Founder, Loksatta Party

All of you at CCS are doing a great job of inspiring young Indians and equipping them with basic tools of analysis and problem solving. I am always there to support you in anyway I can.

Amir Ullah Khan

Development and Trade Economist

My experience with CCS Academy has been wonderful. I have been associated with CCS for close to 20 years. They play an important role in terms of understanding what civil society means, and in understanding what the power of civil society is. In a mature economy, policy making is something very few people understand. Their ìpolicy course addresses the demand issues in policy – which is key in democratic government.

Bhuvana Anand

Public Policy Analyst

I am one of the first graduates of CCS' youth engagement programs. My experience has been incredible, given that I've gone from a student to being faculty now. policy is tremendously relevant for students. When I was in university, the pervasiveness of engagement was low, there were geographic limitations and very few people who wanted to debate ideas.



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